From Patty

Hello everyone,

It’s July first and there’s no letting up – so many things that need to be looked into, tended to, changed forever and loved way better. I hope you are all finding some time to take care of yourselves in ways that allow you to keep going through all of this. I am writing today because yesterday a press release announced a case of COVID 19 among the already stressed population of more than 2000 men, women and children in makeshift camps in Matamoros, Mexico on the Texas border. They have been there for long months waiting for their immigration court cases in the US to happen. Many are asylum seekers who have already endured so much.

Please read this article from Texas Public Radio : which states, “If asylum seekers aren’t released into the US to shelter in place with friends and family… the virus will cause ‘unimaginable death and suffering’ through the camp.” Please reach out to your senators and congress people today and ask them to release them into safer conditions in the US.

Also, Global Response Management: is in Matamoros doing their best on the ground and also in so many other places around the world. Please send a donation to them if you can.

Much love to you ❤️,